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hair texture


We find that the word perm almost always brings up images of the bad perms that happened in the 1980s and 1990s for our clients. As the fastest growing hair salon, we promise that today’s perms are not what you have come to expect from the perms that were given decades ago. We believe that today’s perms can make even the greatest skeptics happy.


You’ve probably heard of hair relaxers before if you have naturally straight, wavy or curly locks and wish to wear it bone-straight. These lotions work by chemically altering the structure for temporarily sleeker strands! Sounds intimidating? The good news is that they come a long way since the 90s – nowadays there are many ingredients which make them much more likeable on your scalp than their predecessors did in decades past (and we’re not talking about those big awful models either).


When it comes to hair treatments, the Keratin treatment in our hair salon is most sought after service. This treatment will revitalize and breathe life back into dry and damaged hair. It is also the recommended way for clients to get straightened hair without damage or complications from the straightening process. Our stylists will recommend a keratin treatment to you if your hair is dry or frizzy.

hair color


For babylights in Tucson, we are the top hair salon. Babylights are a special type of hair color service that creates natural sun-kissed highlights that are featured throughout the hair. This new trend has been rising in popularity in recent months and has quickly become a favorite service for many clients. Call us today to book your appointment and see what everyone is raving about.

Hair Tints

Hair tints are one of the current hottest trends in hair colors. There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that it is a healthier option for hair color. Hair tints are different from hair colors or dyes because they just tint the hair. This means that they are not changing the color of the hair, but instead are simply adding to it. As our name suggests, we are the experts hair salon for hair tints.


Balayage highlights are one of the most popular new hair color trends. Balayage not only allows you to update your look and breathe new life into it but also allows you to maintain a natural finish. This is the perfect technique to guarantee that you have natural-looking highlights. This process gives clients the perfect sun-kissed look. Friends and family will ask you how you’ve had the time to get outdoors so much. You can refer them to us for their own natural balayage coloring treatment.


Highlights have been a popular hair color service for many years (in fact, highlights have been around since about 4 B.C. in ancient Greece). We offer superior highlights with our licensed stylists who stay on top of the latest trends. Highlights do not come in a one size fits all package. Some clients want simple highlights on the top layer of the hair that requires only a few foils. Other clients want something more dramatic or complete with highlights throughout the hair.

Fantasy Color

One of the biggest current hair color trends is fantasy color. You have probably seen someone you know sporting a bright color and wondered if it could be right for you. Stop wondering and come visit us today. We have expert color artists that will develop a bright and unique fantasy hair color that is everything that you have ever wanted.


The ombre hair color trend is bold and daring. It is a hair color that dramatically fades from darker to lighter or lighter to darker. The darker to lighter option is typically preferred as it requires less upkeep, but some prefer that their hair goes from lighter to darker. Balayage highlights are considered the ombre of highlights and a good way to test out ombre without going all the way. This hair color is stylish and fun and can go as dramatic and bold as you wish.

hair cuts


One of the most timeless short hair cuts for women is the pixie. These short and clean haircuts are the perfect option for women who want to go all-in and leave long hair a thing of the past. They are also a great option for women who have had their hair damaged either at home or with another salon

Long Layers

Long layers allow for personalization from you. You can decide between bangs and/or no bangs. There are long layers that work well with straight hair and those that are better for curly hair. You can also choose long layers that will work with your favorite hairstyle whether that be a sleek flat-ironed look, beachy waves, or tight curls.


The lob or long bob is another trendy haircut that we are ready to create for you. We have top qualified stylists who are constantly being trained to know how to create the latest and greatest looks. We promise that you will never leave the salon feeling dated and that you will be able to hold your head high with the highest levels of confidence.


Bobs have had their turn in the spotlight, and they keep coming back as one of the most popular haircuts. The stylists here offer Tucson’s trendiest bobs with all of the latest options. We will never have you leaving with an outdated bob that looks like it came from a bad 80s movie.

Today’s bobs have so many options that everyone can find a bob that will look great on them. Here are a few of the key terms you need to know when talking to your stylist about the bob you want. Always stylish to the end.



Decades of experience bring our clients back

Michelle SnyderMichelle Snyder
11:42 13 Nov 21
I went in to get my hair colored rainbow and Samantha did an amazing job. Not only did she do an amazing job she made me feel great. The environment there is awesome. They made sure I was well takin care of. This is the place I will go to get my hair done from here on out!!!
Debra BruneDebra Brune
00:26 21 Aug 21
Love, love LOVE this place. Gary is by far the best hair stylist I have ever had, and I have been to many and paid lots of money. Gary is truly talented, down to earth, and really cares about his clients. If you can get an appointment with him, do it! He is top notch!
Michael HudsonMichael Hudson
23:53 11 Aug 21
Molina is the best. She has been doing my hair for more than a few years, always does a bang up job. I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Awesome
R. FrodelR. Frodel
01:39 30 Apr 21
Samantha is amazing with hair... highlights, tints, coloring and cuts! I followed her from another salon, and when she opened Tints I knew it would be great... she works with very professional people and they're all good, but Samantha is my favorite!! They make sure you like what you get... can't go wrong!👍🙂
Elaine BElaine B
00:05 26 Feb 21
Tint Hair Studio in Tucson is fabulous! Catherine is terrific and absolutely knows her stuff. My hair needed so much help after not being tended too over the past several months from the pandemic. Catherine gave great advice on color and haircut style. I'm super happy I came here and LOVE my new color and hairstyle. Wonderful people! 🥰I'll be back.
01:56 11 Feb 21
Catherine is a godsend. First of all she talked to me about what needed to done to fix my 50 shades of blonde. And a few hours later here I am posting how ecstatic I am about my hair. She literally fixed it to one solid color. I am especially grateful for her service and 12/10 will see her again.