Hair color

From the top hair colorists in Tucson

Get ready to feel your best with a new hair color!

We’re serious about hair color and we understand how important it is for you, as our future client – you will be more than happy with the results of any service performed on your hair–from roots touched up or balayage!

You deserve to have the best hair possible. That’s why our talented team of stylists provides a wide range of services, from root touch-ups and color correction all the way up through full highlights or balayage – so you can look your very finest each time!
A custom curated system means consistent results for both yourself mentally as well emotionally since it will give off an amazing feeling knowing that no matter what type of service is needed whether it’s just fixing anything wrong with current hue/ tones etc., there are options available which makes contacting the salon worth checking out alone

hair color


For a special type of hair color service in Tucson, we’re the top salon. Babylights create natural sun-kissed highlights throughout your entire head and have been rising in popularity over recent years! If you want to know what all the buzz is about without waiting any longer then give us call today so that one our expert stylists can help make it happen for YOU too!!

Hair Tints

Hair tinting is one of the most popular trends in hair color right now, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only does this process leave your locks looking healthy but also with an added boost from stylish shades like those found at our salon!
A lot goes into choosing just what type you should go for; something that will match both natural strands as well as add variety or depth depending on how much time has been spent outside during summer months


Isn’t it enough that you get to enjoy the sun on your skin every day? Now, Balayage can give you beautifully tanned hair as well! Friends and family will ask how time flies when we’re outside enjoying our natural beauty. Our site is where they should go for their own beautiful salon visits with tailored treatments just waiting in store – all thanks to us naturally gorgeous ones who know what makes them feel good about themselves


Highlights have been a popular hair color service for many years. The trend has changed over time as well, with different trends emerging every few seasons to keep clients interested and busy inside our salon! We offer superior highlights due in large part by their ability – along w/our licensed stylists who stay on top of the latest styles-to deliver just what you want: simple or dramatic depending upon your preference; we can even do complete coverage if desired

Fantasy Color

What’s the next big hair color trend? Fantasy colors like pink, purple and blue are all the rage right now. You probably know someone who has been sporting one of these bright hues without even knowing it – stop wondering if this is something for you too! Stop by our salon today where we will create a custom shade that matches your personality perfectly


The ombre hair color trend is a bold and daring way to spice up your look. It typically begins with darker locks that fade into lighter ones, but some people prefer their opposite process: going from lightest on top first before fading down through the rest of strands gradually like in balayage highlights (which we’ll get into later). This fun style can be as dramatic or subtle – depending upon what you’re looking for!